Draft Bust Or Stud? This Is What First-Round QBs Are Doing Today

Many people argue there is no position more important on the football field than the QB. With the right person under center, a play that appears dead in the water could be extended by a few seconds leading to a game-changing first down. Without Patrick Mahomes’ athleticism in the Super Bowl, who knows if the Chiefs could convert a critical 3rd and 15 with minutes to go to win the game. Not every QB taken in the first round turns into a stud, though. This is what has happened to the most hyped first-round QBs of the past decade!

Sam Bradford Could Never Stay Healthy

Taken with the first overall pick by the then St. Louis Rams in 2010, Sam Bradford signed a huge rookie contract worth $78 million. After a successful rookie season, injuries started mounting and the Rams were forced to start over.

sam bradford rams
Scott Halleran/Getty Images
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Since then, Bradford has bounced around the league. He last played for the Arizona Cardinals in 2018. And while he hasn’t officially announced his retirement, he has seemingly disappeared from the public eye and can officially be labeled a draft bust.