Why Vince McMahon Probably Won’t Bring Back These Former WWE Stars

Since he took over the WWE in 1980, Vince McMahon quickly built the promotion to the biggest in the business. The takeover was completed in 2001 when he bought out chief rival WCW. Since then, wrestlers have seen the WWE as the big leagues.

And wrestlers who make it to the “big leagues” typically want to stay there. But Vince McMahon has been proven to be a vindictive boss. Performers who fall n his bad side are almost never welcome back. Here are a number of grapplers unlikely to be seen in the WWE again.

Big Cass

Colin Cassady seemed like he was created in a Vince McMahon dream. Not only was the 6-10 former basketball player gigantic and light on his feet. He was also about as good at cutting promos as anyone in the promotion.

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images
Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Once he got to the big stage and was separated from former partner Enzo Amore, he rose fast through the ranks and began to wrestle near the top of the card. He was reportedly disrespectful to McMahon, though, and was cut from the WWE. He has since wrestled for indie organizations like Ring of Honor and House of Hardcore.