These NFL Stars Had Everything And Nearly Lost It All

Just as quickly as NFL stars can make millions of dollars on one or two contracts, they can lose it all. It doesn’t take much to fall from grace. It could be caused by anything from marital issues to legal issues to investment issues. No matter what the cause, bad luck has broken some of the sports brightest stars. From Michael Vick’s big problem to Mark Brunell’s investment failures, these are the stars who had everything, and nearly lost it all.

Muhsin Muhammad Had A Spending Problem

A standout wide receiver in the NFL with the Panthers and Bears, Muhsin Muhammad made the Pro Bowl twice and led the league in receiving yards in 2004. With so much success in his life, Muhammad didn’t hesitate to hand over his Visa card when he wanted to make big purchases.

muhsin muhammad nfl
Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images
Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

The only problem with paying for everything on credit came when it was time to pay it all back. Muhammad couldn’t quite settle his hefty debt, leading Wachovia Bank to sue him. To pay them back, he was forced to sell his home.