The Odd Rules That All WWE Wrestlers Have To Follow

The majority of professional wrestlers are associated with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The origins of this organization date back to the 1950s and it’s now controlled by owner Vince McMahon. So things don’t go completely haywire, there are many official and implied rules that WWE superstars have to follow. These can range from costume regulations, personal relationships, and travel restrictions. Get to know the inner workings of WWE with these oddly specific guidelines that all members have to follow, both in and outside the ring.

Hold In Your Sneezes

One of WWE owner Vince McMahon’s biggest pet peeves is sneezing. WWE employees will hold their sneezes in order to not upset him. McMahon wants to be in control at all times and sneezing is one of the times when the body is out of control.

vince mcmahon holding a microphone
Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

McMahon equates sneezing as a sign of weakness. His daughter Stephanie recently confirmed this when she told a reporter, “He doesn’t hate me for it [sneezing], but it’s always like a grrr, a grimace.” She went on to say that he even gets upset at himself when it happens to him.