The Most Outlandishly Wild Hairstyles Sports Have Ever Seen

With fashion, people have the chance to express themselves in whatever manner they so choose. This applies to their hairstyle as well. The same goes for athletes since the casual viewer only see’s players when they’re competing. Over the last decade, sports stars have been bringing their personality out to compete with them in the form of intricate, unique, and wild hairstyles. We’ve seen guys like Odell Beckham with the blonde, curly mohawk, and players from more than a decade ago like Dennis Rodman with straight blond hair. Which other athletes have experimented with their hair?

Iman’s Curly Manbun?

Iman Shumpert made a name for himself early in his career while playing for the New York Knicks. He was a high-flying, tenacious defender that saw his playing style dumbed down thanks to numerous injuries. In 2016, Shumpert played alongside LeBron James, and he won his first ring.

iman shumpert hairstyle
Jason Miller/Getty Images
Jason Miller/Getty Images

As of 2019, he plays with the Houston Rockets. Let’s discuss hairstyle. What look was trying to accomplish with this one? Shumpert usually sports the “Kid n’ Play” flat top, but this look has more of an Eriq La Salle vibe to it.