After A Photo Went Viral, Former Olympian McKayla Maroney’s Life Was Set On An Entirely New Path

McKayla Maroney had done the impossible for most of her life, flipping through the air and performing tricks most people would dare. Then, in 2012, she did the impossible again. She was going to represent Team USA at the London Summer Olympics.

However, it wasn’t her talent that made headlines, but one pretty impressive picture that wound up taking the gymnast on an entirely different path.

McKayla Maroney’s Talent Grew With Her Reputation

From the World Championship to the Olympic stage, McKayla Maroney’s talent grew along with her reputation as a world-class gymnast. But it would only take one split second for her entire world to change.

Mckayla Maroney
Fernando Leon/Getty Images
Fernando Leon/Getty Images

People wouldn’t remember her as the athlete who won a gold and silver medal for Team USA a the 2012 Olympics. People were going to remember McKayla for something else entirely — a facial expression in a photo that said, “I’m not impressed.”