Classic Snapshots Of Celebrities Playing Sports!

Actors, Musicians, and other celebrities are often pigeonholed into a specific niche because of their skills within their respective crafts. However, there are many talented individuals who like to step outside of their jobs and experience some fitness-based activities on a regular basis.

These actors and musicians are big fans of sports and they have all been captured at one point or another playing the sports they love. For some of them, sports were used to relax and escape from everyday life. For others, sports border on the fanatical.

Here are some of the biggest celebrities in the world, both past, and present, who were caught on camera playing the sports they loved the most.

Betty White Brought Color To The Screen And Sports!

Betty White was an acting icon. The beloved actress is mostly remembered for her role as Sue-Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and the hilarious character Rose Nylund on the sitcom “Golden Girls”. White, however, loved sports almost as much as acting.

Betty White, 1957
Photo by ABC Network/De Carvalho Collection/Getty Images
Photo by ABC Network/De Carvalho Collection/Getty Images

Betty White loved to play tennis in her early acting years as a form of relaxation. White is pictured above playing tennis with Syrian actor Michael Ansara in 1957.