Adorable Photos Showing The Queen Being A Wonderful Grandmother

She’s known for many things… namely being the longest-serving monarch in British history. Oh, and she loves horses and corgis. But Queen Elizabeth II is also a grandmother of eight, and is arguably one of the coolest grandmas around! Let’s take a look at some rare photos of the Queen with each of her grandchildren and see the special relationship she has with each of them. You won’t believe the nickname Prince William used to call her.

With Her Very First Grandchild

Queen Elizabeth acquired a brand new title in 1977: Grandma! On November 15 of that year, her daughter Princess Anne gave birth to Peter Phillips, the Queen’s first grandchild.

BALMORAL - NOVEMBER 20: Queen Elizabeth II with Princess Anne and her first grandchild, Peter Phillips, pose for a photograph on November 20, 1977 at Balmoral, England.
Anwar Hussein/Getty Images
Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

This sweet photo was taken just five days later at Balmoral in Scotland. Just like any grandmother, the Queen can’t seem to keep her hands off the little baby, and her big smile shows how thrilled she is about her new title.