These Movies Used Ridiculous CGI That Leaves Us Asking “Why?”

Computer-generated imagery, or CGI, has come a long way in the film industry. Even so, that doesn’t mean studios should move forward with the technology when practical effects can do the job just as easily and, in some instances, better.

From the unnecessary computer-generated tsunami surfing in Die Another Day to Jennifer Connelly’s digital tears in Blood Diamond, these CGI effects were completely useless.

The Freaky Baby In Breaking Dawn: Part 2

Pretty much the entire plot in Breaking Dawn: Part 2 revolved around the half-human half-vampire baby of Bella and Edward Cullen, Renesmee. Instead of auditioning babies to be in the film, the studio opted to use CGI.

Summit Entertainment
Summit Entertainment

Alas, the CGI baby was supernaturally beautiful and beyond freaky looking. Fans were not overly pleased with the result.