There Are Some Major Differences Between The Harry Potter Movies And The Books

Harry Potter is one of the best book and film franchises of all-time. People would hurry up to the read the books just so they can watch the movie and point out all the differences. However, if you’re a fan of the Wizarding World who’s seen the movies and not the books, you missed out on A LOT.

On the bright side, the movie adaptions gave us some scenes full of emotions that never appeared in the books. While everyone has their own list of what should have been cut, this could be a discussion for your next Harry Potter marathon.

The Start Of The First Movie Was Different From The Book

In the book, Vernon Dursley is going to work and going about his day, noticing people in cloaks. However, the movie went ahead and skipped the first chapter of the book.

Warner Bros. Pictures/MovieStillsDb
Warner Bros. Pictures/MovieStillsDb

The movie completely ignored the fact that people all across the country were meeting in secret and raising their glasses to “The Boy Who Lived.”