Take Two: Movie Remakes That Many Consider Better Than The Originals

While there’s rarely anything terribly wrong with a classic film, if they are remade a few years or decades into the future it’s not uncommon for the remake to be even better. This can be due to an improvement in movie technology, the original director having more experience, or because a new director already has something to base their work on. Although it’s clearly not always the case, there are several film remakes that stand out as being better than the originals. Read on to see what they are and if you even knew they were remakes!

The Man Who Knew Too Much – 1956

Although it’s rare for directors to remake their own work, that’s exactly what Alfred Hitchcock did for The Man Who Knew Too Much. With his original film being released in 1934, 20 years of experience in the film industry resulted in his remake in 1956 being much more fleshed out than his 1934 attempt.

Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day
Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

The 1956 remake starred Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day, and although many aspects of the film were changed, the initial premise remained the same.