Iconic Onscreen Moments That Went Totally Sideways From The Original Plan

Believe it or not, some of the most famous scenes, episodes, and even props came to fruition for some unexpected reasons. Whether budget issues, lack of time, or even running out of resources, there are some films and TV shows that had no choice but to work with what they had.

Thankfully, when plans are thrown out the window, it causes creative genius to spark! From Rocky and Adrian’s ice skating date to Monty Python‘s famous coconut “horse” scene, these onscreen moments went totally sideways from the original plan.

Breaking Bad Was Originally Supposed To Be Shot In California

The setting of Albuquerque, New Mexico, in Breaking Bad is almost as iconic as the character Walter White. It allowed the series to go into this weird, dark, contemporary western style of filming, which definitely aided the artistic nature of the series.

Breaking Bad

So, imagine how different it would have been if Vince Gilligan was able to go through with his original plan of filming in Riverside, California. Thankfully, Gilligan wasn’t able to afford shooting in California, having to downgrade to the one place he could afford — the deserts of New Mexico. It was a budgetary issue that resulted in one of the most iconic shows on television.