Backstage Issues And Other Drama That Resulted In The Ending Of A Television Show

Even when actors seem like their best friends on screen, that means absolutely nothing about how their relationship is in real life. It can be shocking at times to learn which cast members despise each other in real life when they appear to have such good chemistry on screen. It’s easy to forget that this is nothing but a job for many actors, directors, writers, and producers. Do some friendships blossom from a project? Yes. But enemies are also made. See the kind of drama behind the scenes that resulted in these shows ending.

Charmed – (1998-2006)

Although WB’s Charmed was popular in its own right, the tension between the cast backstage was so bad that they had to break the show’s run into two different parts. In 1998, when the show debuted, Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty co-starred as two of the three witch sisters, making the show a clear hit.

Girls from Charmed

Unfortunately, the two actresses developed a deep hatred for one another, making things so uncomfortable that Doherty had to be replaced. Rose McGowan was then brought on and had issues of her own with Milano. It’s a miracle the show lasted eight seasons, but there’s no doubt that the pitfalls between the actresses brought it to its end.