The Most Legendary American Muscle Cars Of All Time

Muscle cars are the absolute highlight of the automotive industry in America. The idea behind the muscle car was fairly simple- throw an enormous gas-guzzling V8 motor under the hood of a relatively small vehicle. That’s about it.

Though the demand for muscle cars may have plummeted following the ’73 oil crisis, these glorious vehicles have not vanished forever. In fact, leading American automakers still offer at least one modern muscle car in their lineup. These are the best muscle cars of all time, both past and present.

40. Ford Thunderbird

The Thunderbird debuted in the mid-50s to compete with the likes of the Chevrolet Corvette, also known as America’s first proper sports car. The Thunderbird offered a lot more luxury, though.

1957 Ford Thunderbird
Barrett-Jackson via Getty Images
Barrett-Jackson via Getty Images

It’s no surprise that the Thunderbird quickly dominated the luxury car market. It came powered by a V8 as standard and featured gorgeous styling both inside and out. Ford sold over 53,000 units of the first-gen Thunderbird! That’s quite impressive given that this generation was only produced for 3 years.