Rare Head-Turning Cars You’d Be Lucky To See On The Road

Supercars are expensive. But even if we have millions of dollars lying around, it’s still hard to get behind the wheel of one. While we can’t buy most super and hypercars due to their 6 or 7-figure tag, some are just off-limits because of their exclusivity.

These cars are often built in a number fewer than 100, or sometimes, even in single digits. And by the time we come to learn about them, every single one is already sold to insider elites and established clients in special private events. Today, we’ll count down the cream of the crop of these exclusive and rare cars that sold out before they were even released.

LaFerrari FXX-K Evo – 40 Units

Hailed as the zenith of Ferrari’s racing technology, the FXX-K Evo is second to just an actual F1 car. Only 40 of these 1,036-hp V12 hybrids exist in the world and, surprisingly, none of them can be driven on a road or participate in a race.


The owners can only drive this $2.6 million hypercar on a track once it’s been delivered there along with a team of engineers and technicians from Ferrari. The car remains with Ferrari for a certain number of years, and owners are bound to actually drive it instead of letting it sit as an investment they can flip later on.