Photos: Our Favorite Cars Immortalized By Movies

How many people would know of Aston Martin, if it were not for James Bond, or how popular would the Skyline be without Brian O’Connor? Movies make cars a part of pop culture. Even the ones who are not ‘car people’ recognize notable cars from popular movies.

In this list, we’ll count 40 of the cars that were immortalized by movies. These are, no doubt, great cars, but they’d not be a part of a common culture like they are now, if it were not for these iconic movies that featured them.

1968 Mustang GT 390 – Bullitt

You know a car has transcended the movie when the manufacturer makes a limited edition of the car, commemorating the movie, TWICE. The scenes in which Steve McQueen chases the 1968 Charger in his Mustang are some of the best ever shot on camera.

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Solar Productions
Solar Productions

While Mustangs are naturally menacing, the ones in the movie are made even more so thanks to the Magnesium wheels and the stripped-down look.