Incredible Cars You Would Find In Your Dream Garage

Every auto freak is guilty of constantly daydreaming about their dream garage. A collection of the world’s fastest hypercars, or a garage full of timeless classics. The possibilities are endless.

Ranging from aggressive muscle cars to sleek Japanese sports cars, these are the cars we all dream about. You may have forgotten that some of these even exist!

McLaren F1

This monstrosity needs no introduction. The McLaren F1 first hit the market back in 1992, as the first-ever roadgoing production car built by the British manufacturer. It was quite special, to say the least.

1995 McLaren F1 road car
National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images
National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images

The McLaren F1 saw a short production run limited to a little over 100 units in total. Each one came powered by a screaming 6.1L V12 motor sourced from BMW. The F1 remains one of the most significant automobiles of all time.