These Are The Fastest Cars In The World

Speed is addictive and these cars can easily get you hooked to mind-bending performance. Cars that are merely “quick” need not apply here, we’re looking for the fastest of the fast that can, did, or do hold records for top speed. Sure, you could go faster in a land speed record car, but try convincing the DMV to give you a license plate for one. Here are the most rapid rides on the planet, from slowest to fastest.

Aston-Martin One-77 – 220 MPH

At the 2008 Paris Motor Show, Aston-Martin delivered a supercar that immediately made the world sit-up and take notice. Under the impossibly curvaceous body lived a 7.3-liter V12 engine built and tuned by Cosworth. When paired with the carbon fiber chassis and the suspension designed by Multimatic, the One-77 was capable of 220 mph.

Photo by Aston-Martin
Photo by Aston-Martin

It’s certainly no slouch in the performance department, but it’s the design that won hearts, and the Aston-Martin halo car won several international design awards including the prestigious Concorso d’Eleganza Design Award.